Professional Development Academy

Cohort #4

April 29, 2021

Session #1: Human Trafficking

Session #2: Mental Health & Addiction

The Indiana Head Start Association has kicked-off our brand-new Training initiative for our front-line staff which we have called the Help the Helpers Professional Development Academy. The Help the Helpers Professional Development Academy is designed for our Family Services Staff, Home Visiting Staff, Teaching Staff, and other essential staff who work directly with the families to provide expertise & important insight and tools to help them address families in crisis, set family goals and improve child, parent, and family outcomes.

The Help the Helpers Cohort #4 Professional Development training in April will be in two sessions -- Session #1 focuses on Human Trafficking in Indiana and Session #2 will focus on Mental Health 7 Addiction Services in Indiana.  that we all know negatively impact our families and communities. We're extraordinarily lucky to have Sheila Dobay-Singh from the Indiana Trafficking Victims Assistance Program and Melissa Carroll and Jeannie Bellman from the Division of Mental Health and Addiction of the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration join us for this important training and a part of the Help the Helpers Professional Development Academy Cohort #4!


For a more detailed look at the Help the Helpers Professional Development Academy Cohort #4 training scheduled for April 29, 2021, and registration information, CLICKING HERE!

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