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IHSA's 2023 Leadership Retreat 

June 6 & 7, 2023

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IHSA 2023 Meeting and Professional

Development Calendars


The IHSA Board of Directors and our IHSA Team are pleased to present the  2023 Calendar and Professional Development Opportunities. Based on our IHSA Program Directors feedback, we are hosting both virtual and in-person Director Meetings in 2023 and we are starting slowly with 1 live Directors meeting per quarter. The in-person Director meetings will not have virtual option, but as always, Rhett will send out any information that is vital for us to know if you are unable to attend. 

We are also adding content area meetings; Health/Nutrition/Safety, Education/MH, and Family Services (PFCE, Fam Eng. ERSEA). These meetings will be all virtual this year, but open for discussion based on each area's wants and needs. Rhett and Tara Meachum, President, IHSA Board of Directors, will be starting these meetings to get everyone acclimated to the process. These will be laid out like Director meetings- networking, support, and problem solving amongst peers across the state. IHSA removed the cluster representatives, which include the training portions that now fall under our Community of Learners Professional Development Series. We are adding in Content Area representatives on our Board. More information will be coming in February regarding those open positions.

Please share this with all your staff. We will be setting up these zoom meetings and will need help getting contact information for those areas. The calendar also includes our Committee meeting times; as programs anyone is able to join a committee without joining the board. If you have a major interest (or know someone that does) please have them reach out to me! We would love more perspectives in these committees. 

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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